Seoul Babies


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Introducing Seoul Babies, these teeny tiny mini skeins are in need of a loving home and are all unique and one of a kind just like the the babies and children I grew up with in the orphanage. As you may know, I was in an orphanage as a baby in Seoul, Korea which is the capital. I was adopted at the age of three and was there ever since I was a baby. As you may know that most people want a new born baby to adopt so for me to be adopted at the age of three was rare. I am thankful that I was able to get the opportunity to come to the United States and to start a life here that I would have probably not had received the same chance in Korea.

These yarns are special to me and I want them to be able to help you add a little extra in your loving pieces of art. So from our home to yours, please help spread the joy that these little skeins might not be able to get the chance to share just like all our other full size skeins are able to. Thank you from us to you.



The mini skeins are 80 yards each. The base of the yarns are in our Ritzy Sock.